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Elvis used to say that Dog is God spelled backwards!

I want to talk about Elvis because he's been part of my life since I was a puppy. I learned how to love his songs and through Mariís eyes I saw what a wonderful person he was. Itís not difficult to admire Elvis. He was very talented, had a wonderful voice and an amazing life. Most of all, he was a great humanitarian. Unfortunately, as it happens to all public people, and more so to a legend like him, thereís a lot of misunderstanding and misconception about Elvis. If people would only try to know him better and not believe in all the untrue things said about him, that wouldn't happen.

Elvis Presley is known all over the world and his talents and contributions to our society are unquestionable. His giving to other people is legendary and amazing; he wanted to make people happy. He certainly did and still does even 24 years after his death.

Everybodyís life can be fascinating in its own way and Elvisí life was certainly very interesting and unique. He was able to touch the lives of millions with his music and his honest desire to entertain and help them to live happier lives. He certainly brought joy to my life!

Elvis always respected people, especially his fans. It didnít matter to him what a personís social status, race or religion was. He was always respectful to everyone. Sadly, not everyone gave him the respect he deserved. Even so, he got a lot of respect from millions of people in the entire world and still does. Iím sure, where he is now, he is happy to see how much he really helped them. He is probably smiling and saying, "They didnít forget me!"

There are many beautiful things about Elvis, but the one I want to talk about it here is his love for animals. I think this is a perfect way for me to pay my tribute to this man who gave so much to others, humans and animals. Interesting enough, there arenít many references to Elvisí love for animals in the literature. So I gathered the most information I could about his dogs and other pets. I thought it would be neat to show just know how many animals he had and loved throughout his life. Make sure you check out the pictures!

Boy was the first dog Elvis acquired shortly after he began to achieve stardom. He always loves animals, but he could never have one when he was younger, so he made up for that when he became a star.

Baba was the Collie that went to Hollywood with Elvis and can be seen in the movie Paradise, Hawaiian Style (1966).

Baba with Elvis and his wife Priscilla.

Elvis with Baba and two other canine friends.

Edmund was a Pomeranian that was one of Elvis Presleyís favorite pets at the time of his death.

Getlo was a Chow that Elvis really adored. In 1975, before she was a year old, Getlo developed serious kidney problems and Elvis spent thousand of dollars in an effort to save her life. Sadly, she eventually died very young.

Getlo on stage with Elvis.

Muffin was the name of Elvisí Great Pyrenee dog. A beautiful white dog, he seemed to have an incurably bad temper, which even obedience school couldnít improve. Even Elvis was bitten a few times.

Stuff was a black Poodle that lived at Graceland. He belonged to Elvisí aunt Delta Mae, but Elvis grew as fond of the dog as its owner was.

Sweet Pea was a tiny dog that Elvis gave to his mother Gladys in 1956. After Gladysís death, Elvis continued to care for the dog.

Elvis and Sweet Pea.

Teddy Bear of Zi-Pom-Pom was a pedigreed Poodle given to Elvis by a fan when he was in the army in Germany. Apparently the dog accompanied Elvis back to the States when he returned.

Elvis also used to give dogs as gifts to people he loved.

Littlebit was the toy Poodle Elvis gave to his girlfriend Anita Wood in the 50ís.

Honey was the Poodle Elvis gave to his wife Priscilla Presley for Christmas 1962.

Elvis also gave to his wife a pair of Great Danes in the 60ís, Snoopy and Brutus. Brutus can be seen playing the role of Albert in the movie Live a Little, Love a Little (1968). The dog died not long after Elvis and Priscilla divorced. Snoopy later became Lisa Marieís dog. Lisa is Elvisí only daughter.

Snoopy and Lisa Marie.

Brutus with Elvis, Priscilla and Lisa Marie.

Brutus as Albert in the movie Live a Little, Love a Little.

Foxhugh was a Maltese given by Elvis to his girlfriend Linda Thompson in the mid-1970ís.

Elvis loved other animals besides dogs. Graceland, his home in Memphis, TN, was also home for many other pets. Some were unusual, such as a chimpanzee named Scatter, a Mynah bird and even peacocks but others were more common, like horses.

Elvisí love for horses is legendary. Some of these horses became very famous because of their famous owner. Bear was a prize-winning Tennessee walking horse. Elvis bought this black horse fully trained, but in order to get him perform he had to be ridden along a fence line.

Rising Sun was a big golden Palomino horse that Elvis bought in 1966. He had worked in horse shows and rodeos and it seemed that he loved to be admired.

Elvis with Rising Sun.

Mare Ingram was one of the horses Elvis kept at the Circle G Ranch. Elvis bought the ranch in 1967 because Graceland didnít provide enough space for all the horses he had by that time. He had the total of 18 horses. As it happened with dogs, Elvis gave horses as gifts as well. He gave his father a horse named Colonel Midnight, and to his wife, he gave a horse named Domino. Even all his bodyguards got horses so they could accompany him in his daily rides.

Today there are still horses at Graceland, and the mansion has been open to the public since 1982. Rising Sun was there and was visited by millions until he died in 1987.

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Elvis' Love of Animals | Pictures of Elvis with Dogs | Pictures of Elvis with Horses
Pictures of Elvis with Kids | Pictures of Elvis with Fans

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